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IONMAN PRO products – pharmaceuticals or healthcare products?
IONMAN PRO is a topical (external use) healthcare product for the joints. Just rub it on the skin of the joints will do. It does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients and it’s not medicine (drug) and therefore it’s not a controlled medical item.

IONMAN’s product research, development and trials – how long?
From product research and development to trials, it’s a diligent process spanning over 7 years, including 5 years of product trials and experiments on humans. Altogether, it has undergone more than 1,000 individual trials!

What is the difference between consuming glucosamine and applying IONMAN PRO?
First, we need to understand the mechanisms of food breakdown (digestion). Food travelling through the esophagus into the stomach will be broken down by gastric acid (stomach acid) at pH2.5 generally.

In order for drugs or nutrients to be absorbed into our bloodstream, they must first penetrate the intestine wall. Through the bloodstream, the drugs or nutrients are later distributed to the other body parts wherever they are needed. For meat digestion, such process is repeated 7~8 times. For vegetables or fruits, it requires a cycle of 3~4 times. For every breakdown (decomposition), oxidation happens, which will lead to the production of the harmful free radicals.

The higher the frequencies of decomposition, the greater the amount of free radicals’ emissions. Prior to being absorbed into the intestine, the so called active nutrients and high-value drugs are reduced to less than 10% of their true potential due to the presence of the very strong gastric acid. The remaining 90% of the supposedly good elements will now become ‘rubbish’ (residue of wasted drugs and nutrients), which will be further processed by our liver and other organs.

The beauty of IONMAN is that it has been perfected with the AR technology, which is able to effectively activate cellular absorption through skin penetration (via hair follicles into the bloodstream). The entire process takes approximately 1 minute only. This significantly reduces the time needed for digestion along the esophagus, hence minimizing the emission of free radicals. The shorter the time it takes to get into the bloodstream, the higher the amount of the active nutrients benefits the body. This is a race against time between conversion and absorption speeds. The shorter the time of conversion and absorption, the more efficient our system becomes.

Is there any difference between oral glucosamine and IONMAN PRO?
Only a small portion of the oral glucosamine can be effectively absorbed into the body, but IONMAN PRO is able to penetrate the skin straight into the bloodstream to deliver the desired results.

Trials conducted on both the humans and animals show that corn extracts found in IONMAN PRO act as a superb absorbing agent in the bloodstream.

Can I consume oral glucosamine during IONMAN PRO application?
Yes. Consuming oral glucosamine while applying IONMAN PRO at the same time will not conflict each other.

Please stick with IONMAN PRO persistently and consistently to experience the potential benefits and advantages of this product, which are far better than oral therapy.

Can I apply IONMAN PRO on whichever joint spot suffering from discomfort due to injury, eating habits or tissue degradation?
Yes. The formulation of IONMAN PRO belongs to Type II Collagen, which is a high-density collagen. Unlike the ordinary collagen structure, the high-density collagen found in IONMAN boasts a strong and deep-penetrating lubrication capability. Therefore, it is very helpful to people suffering from joint injury or deterioration.

For people suffering from uric acid accumulation due to improper diet, IONMAN PRO comes as a relief for boosting blood circulation. The improved blood circulation helps dissolve the uremic toxins, which have been accumulated around the joints (During the flush-out of uremic toxins, pain may occur. Pair the application of IONMAN PRO with hot-pack therapy for pain relief). The affected joints will gradually be relaxed during the process of the removal of the harmful uremic toxins. Bear in mind that uric acid can be controlled by a healthy diet. Failing to do so, the painful joints will return.

What is cartilage?
Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue found in the joints that binds the bone and periosteum together. The repair and regeneration of cartilage requires active collagen.

When we were young, our body was able to provide sufficient active collagen to maintain the good health of our joints.

As we grow older and older, the amount of glucosamine in our body will diminish naturally due to aging process. This will result in the thinning of cartilage and the deterioration of joints.

This explains why a majority of the elderly people suffer from joint disorders and even though they keep a normal diet, the misery continues.

What are the IONMAN PRO ingredients?
In addition to the moisturizing foundation, the main ingredients of IONMAN PRO are natural extracts from corns, stem plants,soy and seeds. It is completely free from painkillers or any synthetic materials.

Are there any steroid ingredients in IONMAN PRO?
No. IONMAN PRO is an all-natural product made from corns, wild yam,soy, grape seed extracts and other plant-based ingredients, together with the proprietary AR technology for better absorption. It is a nature-inspired product with advanced technology in mind.

Is IONMAN PRO suitable for a strict vegan?
Yes. Our products do not contain any animal or pharmaceutical ingredients; therefore it’s peace of mind for strict vegans.

If there are no pharmaceutical ingredients, how is the analgesic effect achieved?
‘Itch and pain’ is caused by electrolyte imbalance deriving from a number of things such as the presence of physical pain and itch nucleus due to self-inflicted or neutral factors. The situation may also be caused by pH imbalance and other bodily damage. When the aforesaid situations happen, the affected nucleus are fighting for a balance state sharing the same electrode channels. This will result in the formation of granular nucleus until it can be detected by the brain. The brain will then send the pain signals to affected areas and that’s when you feel the pain, a natural response to the pain signals.

Thanks to the revolutionary AR technology developed by IONMAN PRO, the larger-than-normal granular nucleus can be broken down to smaller form factors to minimize the detection by the brain. The pain signals are suppressed and therefore you won’t feel the pain.

This is a kind of physical reaction to ergonomic human engineering. It is also a very environmentally friendly way of achieving the desired results.

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